When consumers started purchasing Macs there was an online crave for casinos and other gambling areas. However, not every online casino supported the software that came with the Macs. But eventually casino companies updated their sites for flash support so they could broaden their audience to not only PC’s but Mac users as well.

Unfortunately, however, Mac users can still face problems playing online due to the disadvantage of not having compatible downloadable casino software. This isn’t the case for all online casinos, but for most all they have is flash support which can cause network disruptions. If you are a Mac user and are having flash problems the next best thing to try is Java. But if you are still having consistent troubles the best thing you can do is contact Apple Support.

Playing online versus downloading online an online casino software does have its advantages. For example, playing online you can access your games anywhere on any computer. As well as added security measures for playing online, people who download casino software are open to hacks and leaked personal information. Always make sure you are logged out in every game you play to prevent this from happening whether it’s online or a download.

Games differ from online play to downloaded content. Browser based games offer less of a variety than downloaded ones. But either way, there are an array of games for you to play, even if it is slightly less diverse.
Let’s get into more of the hi-tech details on what differs and what doesn’t. Online games do not have the same graphics of downloaded games. Online games use simpler graphics and less features utilizing a slower connection to cause less disruptions. Downloaded games come with higher resolution and can allow you to game at a faster speed since everything is already downloaded to your computer.

Some of the best online games include Bovada Casino, Slots.LV, Slotocash and Slots Capital Casino. These casinos include 24/7 support, mobile gaming, U.S. player support, over 150 of available games daily, and offer high payouts. Some blacklisted casinos to look out for include Majestic Comet, Grand Reef, and Indio Casino. These online casinos are blacklisted due to unfair terms and conditions, poor customer service, and slow pay to their players.

If you own a Macintosh there is no need to worry about having access to online casinos. There are plenty of them and the quality in online games is just as good as downloaded ones. I hope you make it around to the great casinos we showed you today and stay away from the blacklisted ones. Keep you wallet in hand and we hope you have a great time gaming!
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