Before the internet arrived, the only way to take part in the fun of casino gambling action was to actually visit an actual casino. Either that or be content to take part in an occasional charity-based Las Vegas night.

However, over the past two decades, the debate between land-based casinos and online casinos has grown, with some preferring the land-based offerings. Meanwhile, others like the convenience and easy access that come with the online version.

To try an determine the key aspects that differentiate between land-based and online casinos, the list below notes eight different aspects that separate the two entities:


While the number of land-based casinos have risen sharply, many still require a lengthy trip for the average person to visit. That in turn requires travel costs, as well as paying for accommodations when an overnight trip is involved or parking fees if it’s close. With an online casino, the only need is to have access to the internet.

Time Constraints

While land-based casinos are generally open 24 hours a day, there may be time when maintenance or simple lack of players results in a closing of an area. Either that, or Online casinos are always available and have no need to clean up or don’t care if just one person is playing.

Payouts, Odds and Incidentals

Since land-based operations not only have employees to pay, but have fixed costs, like electricity and water, the odds they offer will be higher while the payouts will be lower than those available from the online version. Changing that formula will cut into their profit margin, which is something they won’t do. Unlike online casinos, they also won’t allow players to play practice games to help them improve their ability or offer free casino chips. In the latter case, land-based casinos only offer those to high rollers who don’t care if they lose thousands of dollars each year.

Food and Drinks

Land-based casinos have buffets and a variety of restaurants available, but they either ban or strongly frown upon players who bring that food to the gaming tables. When playing online, an individual is free to eat as they play, with no one complaining about it. Plus, the food that’s purchased will undoubtedly cost less than land-based casinos charge.

Dress Codes & Smoking

Another major difference between land-based and online casinos is the difference in concern over what a player is wearing. Most land-based casinos prefer that players are properly dressed, but the online version doesn’t care what a person is wearing, or even if they’re wearing anything at all! In that same vein, many land-based entities have gone smoke-free, but online casinos again offer no concern if a person smokes or not.


By their very nature, land-based casinos can be noisy places to be with people talking, slot machines making sounds or other noises that limit a person’s ability to concentrate. In contrast, those who use an online casino can do so in peace and quiet while also having some privacy from people interfering with them, which allows for a greater focus on winning.

Currencies & Language

A person who happens to be at an overseas land-based casino could find themselves out of luck if they have a currency that isn’t accepted by any casino in the area or don’t speak the native language. That isn’t the case for online players, since most casinos are located overseas and will accept most currencies as well as offer translated pages.


Winning at a land-based casino can be a thrilling experience, but collecting your winnings could put you in danger of being robbed or worse. Those who use an online casino can be content knowing that their winnings are safe and can be sent either directly to them or their bank, if they wish.

Gambling in whatever form is always a rush for the player, but determining which side you prefer is up to the individual. Online gambling is here to stay which will only ratchet up the debate in the years ahead.