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Pay Near Me is a company that helps businesses and consumers handle their cash payments remotely with simple steps and numerous options. With their headquarters located in Sunny Vale California, employees in 11 states, and a huge nationwide online presence, the company has grown tremendously since it’s start in 2009. Pay Near Me is now partners with a large number of companies and helps a diverse range of people in making their cash payments quickly and conveniently.

Pay Near Me works with copious industries and payment systems. They handle cash payments for several property managers, consumer lending institutions, auto dealers, non profit organizations, city and state governments, utility companies, toll operators, online service providers, direct sellers and insurance companies. They find the services of Pay Near Me to be a crucial part of their business. These companies enjoy the numerous options and features of setting up cash payments through genuinely simple steps. Not everyone has a bank account these days and now you don’t have to. Pay Near Me makes it easier for everyone, handling all the hassle for you.

With partners like 7 Eleven and Ace you can find a place to pay with cash around every corner. Over 17,000 locations nationwide, with over 7,000 of the being opened around the clock. Easily jump online on your desktop or mobile device and find a Pay Near Me pay location. Companies even have to choice to select convenient payment locations for their customers. The can set up the payment by giving consumers a pay code by text, email, or even embedded in a bill. Customers take this to a payment location, pay with cash, get a receipt and sigh a sigh of relief, because it’s that simple.

Countless well-known companies use Pay Near Me already such as Greyhound, Spotify, InfoSend, Herbalife and H&R Block. With H&R Block they find it great that their customers can put funds on their emerald cards at the many payment locations. They are choosing to use Pay Near Me because of its many amazing features and flexibility to work with businesses of all types and sizes. They enjoy the privilege of being able to send out mobile notifications and texts and customize customer receipts at stores like 7 Eleven. Mobile, electronic and cash payments are whats now and current, in the modern world bills have almost gone paperless.

The online features they offer make it easy for businesses to keep track of and manage their customers payments. With the Payments Management Portal businesses get instant notification of when, where and the amount of all transactions. As soon as a payment is made, the system sends out a transaction report in real-time and chosen format, that can even be viewed from a mobile device. The pay code options available make it perfect for any company to use. You can reuse the pay codes, and again they are sent out by text, email, electronically or by mail embed in their bill. Anything to make things more simple. Payment authorization is only approved with the businesses chosen criteria. No payments are accepted against your set guidelines. Pay Near Me takes a lot of the head ache and paperwork out of the equation so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Some current investors that chose to work with Pay Near Me did because they want companies and consumers to have a faster, better and less costly way to take care of their cash payments. Some of these companies include August Capital, True Ventures, Maveron, Endeavor Partners, and GSV Capital. They trust in Pay Near Me as well as a large list of others.

So we can now say Pay Near Me is a “Trusted” and evolved web of highly skilled experts in Payments, Web and Retail IT. They are the now and the future of cash payment convenience for all companies and consumers. For plenty of people bank accounts, fees and complicated transactions are no longer time or cost efficient. Who wouldn’t want to save money, time, and paper?

You can find out if Pay Near Me is the right fit for your business by giving some basic information on their website or by requesting a demo.