EntroPay is a leading e-wallet system that allows users to send and receive money. It’s commonly used for online merchants and online casinos, but you’re given a card number that can be used nearly anywhere if you want to buy from physical stores. While EntroPay is most popular in Asia, it is a worldwide service provider that also has a significant American and European presence. One of the most unique features is their virtual Visa card, and users will love the low fees that make this one of the cheaper e-wallets around.

Making an Account
Making an account is simple and very quick. The registration form requires just your email address, name, birthday and country of residence. You will also have to make a unique username and password, and the password must be at least six characters long with both numbers and letters.

After making the initial account and getting your virtual Visa card, you’ll be asked to provide a credit card, debit card or bank account number to fund your card. The process takes very little time and you’ll have an account ready in minutes.

Virtual Visa Card

EntroPay gives you a virtual card number when you make an account. This means that you get the prepaid card numbers and other details, but you never receive a plastic card. Instead of waiting for a card to come in the mail, you can instantly use the numbers at online retailers and any physical stores that accept payment without a plastic card. The virtual card speeds up the process of being able to pay for goods or fund casino accounts.

If you do want a physical card, then EntroPay allows you to get a plastic MasterCard. This is also linked to your account, but you’ll have to wait for it to arrive at your house before you can use it.

Account Funding
EntroPay currently allows users to fund their account with credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers. The funding source is remembered once you enter it, which makes it easy to add more money whenever you’re ready. Money from credit and debit cards are immediately added to your account, but bank transfers can take up to seven days to complete. The fees for bank transfers are slightly lower, but the immediacy of card transfers make them the better option.

Country Restrictions
Some e-wallet providers restrict which countries can use their service. There are currently no countries or nations that are restricted from using EntroPay. There is also an automatic currency converter, but be aware that EntroPay only operates in USD, GBP and EUR. Your account can accept other currencies, but you can only use these three currencies when paying for something.

This small problem shouldn’t be an issue since these are three of the most popular currency options in the world, and most casinos and retailers will accept payments in these currencies. The best thing is that EntroPay gives anyone the opportunity to sign up for an account regardless of location.

The fees are fairly nominal and standard for e-wallet providers. Loading an EntroPay card from a debit or card card carries a fee of 4.95 percent. Loading from a bank account carries a slightly smaller fee of 3.95 percent, but requires a week for the money to show up in the account. Receiving money from a merchant carries a fee of 1.95 percent.

Creating an account, getting the virtual Visa card or destroying the card when you’re finished with the account are all free. There are also no fees attached to spending money on the card. Transferring money from one EntroPay card to another carries a small fee of $0.20, and returning money to a credit or debit card costs $6.

EntroPay is a reliable e-wallet provider with many major benefits. The most unique one is the virtual Visa card that allows you to instantly shop anywhere, but even their more standard features are a cut above many other providers. This is also one of the best providers for international citizens due to the lack of restrictions, and the fees are some of the smallest in the e-wallet industry.