Britain has been waiting for another casino to open, and the Genting Resorts World Birmingham World will become the largest in the country when it opens. The casino is a massive project that includes the casino floor, hotel room, shopping, dining and entertainment. The Vegas style casinos that have become popular the world over are making their way to new markets, and this casino in Birmingham will bring a massive boom to the economy. Birmingham was once an industrial area that relied on factories, but the industrial and manufacturing sectors in Britain have fallen apart over the years. The country needed to do something to ensure its health, and this casino helps.

How Big Is The Casino?

The casino cost over 150 million pounds to build, and the casino comes with over 50 shopping centers that are perfect for people who need to spend some money. The shopping mall alone is a massive improvement over anything else in the city, and the casino ensures that people around the casino will have jobs waiting for them. Staffing all those stores takes many people, and the hotel itself will hire even more people.

There will be nearly 180 five-star rooms in the resort that are going to serve people who want to stay for a few days to gamble, and the casino has set aside five major suites that can be used for high rollers on their trips to the casino. The casino is a destination that has become the most amazing in the Birmingham area, and it is attached directly to a major arena in the area.

The Arena Area

The area around what is now NEC Arena is going to boom with new jobs and people because of the casino. The casino is the largest in Britain, and it is going to provide more commerce for an area of the country that was hit hard by the global financial crisis. Jobs were lost all over the North of England, and people who are still recovering can get jobs at the casino when it is fully operational. Guests have to wait a bit longer to get their rooms, but the employees are getting hired while the casino is putting on finishing touches.

The Cinema

The Cineworld Cinema that is going to go on the property is going to attract more people to the area because it makes the area feel more family friendly. Most parents are not going to bring their children to a casino, but parents will bring their children to a shopping mall and cinema that has a casino attached. No one needs to go onto the casino floor when they come to the area, and the casino will remain a place where adults can gamble as much as they like.

The Region Needs More Leisure

There are almost no leisure offerings in the area around Birmingham, and the growing middle class needs a place to go to spend its money. People who want to gamble just a little will be able to play in the casino, and travelers who are passing through the North of England will be able to drop in for a night o two of gambling. The casino is a perfect foil for an area that wants to modernize itself as much as possible.

The shopping mall will provide an outlet for people who do not want to gamble, and the cinema will allow families to come to the area to see a movie. Dining will help young couples and singles in the area find something to eat, and there will be many more world class chefs invited to open restaurants on the property. Gentings set up the property to grow, and Birmingham will have a chance to grow around this property as it becomes more popular. No one thought of Birmingham as a holiday destination in the past, but people will have a choice when the casino opens.

European Travelers

Continental travelers who want to find new places to travel may come up to Birmingham on the train to have a holiday at the casino. The casino is a great place to visit because people can access it easily when they get off the train. The train station is easy to access, and people in the area can catch the train at any time when they check out of the casino. The convenience alone makes the Gentings Birmingham World a great place to go.

Cinema And Mall First

The cinema and shopping mall are going to open first while the casino is readied for its major launch. The launch of the casino will be a gala affair that will bring in celebrities and high rollers for the first few nights of the casino’s existence. The area will already be busy because of the shopping mall and cinema, and people can drop by the opening if they want to have a chance to bet on the first night of the casino’s existence.

This Casino Is A Major Venture For Gentings

Gentings will see about 11% of its revenue come from this one casino, and people who are in the casino will get the best of service from the company. Gentings is committed to customer service, and they are willing to do what they must to make the casino a better place for people to visit. This massive casino is going to change lives in the region, and it will likely give a boost to Gentings as a company. A simple opening in a few weeks will change the way that the city of Birmingham is viewed in England, and the casino will begin to revitalize the center of the city.