When a bonus is mentioned, the deal looks too good to be true. Financial institutions offer bonuses to clients after depositing a certain amount of money in their accounts. The institutions do this to attract a large number of customers and as a tool of healthy competition. Such benefits are not only limited to financial institutions but also apply to online casinos. Customers are rewarded an extra amount after depositing some cash with an online casino. Despite how good the deal may appear, it is good to understand the terms and conditions and the actual worth of the reward.

New customers

New clients are the most affected with regards to such benefits. You might have seen an advertisement for such a deal, and you imagined the profits you would make if you committed some cash in the deal. Perhaps you paid no attention to the restrictions that come with such a deal. Maybe you are required to deposit the amount and wait for a particular period before you request to withdraw. What if you committed that amount somewhere else? You might have made more cash. It is, therefore, necessary to consider the restrictions that come with a deal you would like to participate.

Online casinos

Online casinos are known to offer bonuses to clients who deposit more than $500 into the account. The bonuses are in the tune of 100%. If you commit $500, you will finally get $1000 in your account. It is a good deal, right? The bonuses are not devoid of severe restrictions. The beneficiary does not have a direct access to the amount rewarded. The players are required to play with the actual deposit in gaming rooms that release the amount on an incremental basis. The bonuses have a shelf life, and any unearned bonus expires.

Think of a scam

Online scams are on the rise and before you participate in a deal you should be cautious. Most of these contracts are not legal binding. No mutual agreement is signed while the contract is made. This attracts fraudulent participants who defraud innocent clients of their money. You need to ascertain the authenticity of the contract.

Cashable and Non-cashable bonuses

You need to know a few things while determining the actual value of a deposit bonus. When all the gambling requirements are fulfilled, you should evaluate whether the bonus is cashable or non-cashable. It is quite challenging to make money from a non-cashable bonus as compared to a cashable bonus. These are a few aspects that should be made clear before you agree to join the gambling.

Lower house edge games

Once you find a website that offers a cashable bonus on your deposit, you need to evaluate the specifications of the website. For instance, the game you can play with the bonus ought to incorporate those with a lower house edge. These are game types that you easily earn at the end of the game. Games with a lower house edge include:

Video poker

Losing is not unheard off in these types of games. You should as well take into account the amount you might lose before you cash the bonus awarded.

Use a formula

There is another way of determining the real worth of bonus awarded. You may decide to use a straightforward method. Here’s all that you should do:

Take the total amount needed to clear the bonus and the total bonus

Divide the total amount by the outstanding bonus

Multiply the results by 100%

If the percentage is large, then you are being offered a better value on the deposit reward

Value way above 25% is worth taking the risk while any value below 10% is much less to commit your cash.

Varying Specifications for different Casinos

Different online casinos offer varying bonus percentages on customer deposits. The varying rates also come with different specifications and game applications. You might be familiar with a particular website and if you want to participate in another site, understand that the previous specifications might not apply to another website. You will need to evaluate restrictions specified for a particular site.

Additional rebates

Some providers might offer rebates to consistent clients. If you deposit a certain amount repeatedly, the provider may decide to offer you more bonus or relax the restrictions on bonus given. If you find a reliable website, you can continue playing the game via the website. This will cultivate a mutual understanding and build trust. Afterward, you can refer other individuals to use the site that can attract more benefits.

Calculating the actual value of a bonus awarded on a deposit might appear a tedious job but putting extra efforts will yield perfect returns. It is quite critical to understand the terms and conditions of the website. Do not just participate in any deal based on the bonus rewarded. You might later realize that this is not what you exactly needed. Take some time to evaluate the legitimacy of the arrangement. Above all, you need to understand that different providers will specify varying specifications for participants.