Importance Of Counting Cards In Blackjack

In casinos, generally blackjack holds rapt attention of every player on table. This game is played with the help of eight-shoe deck. In this game, slowly all cards are placed on discarded pile after removal from shoe by the players. This unique game is very much different from all its counterparts. Craps as well as roulettes are games that are independent from their last play. However, in the game of blackjack, discarded games are only seen after shuffling of the shoe. The history of this game tells that it is especially beneficial for a player who can count cards. He/she who can count cards knows clearly how to win in blackjack.

Importance Of Counting Cards To Win In Blackjack

In blackjack, generally eight decks of cards are used. Out of all these cards, it has 32 aces. In case, thirty of them have already been discarded then the shoe consists of only remaining two. A player in order to win this game can adjust his/her play on the basis of those two remaining cards. Therefore, to win blackjack it is very important for a player to learn system of card counting. Dealing by casino dealer is done on seventeen or below than that. To dealer, all cards of ten values are damaging. If shoe contains more cards of ten values then automatically odds shift their favour from casino to player. Through simple techniques of card counting, one can easily track remaining cards of ten values in the shoe. With odds favouring, a player can steadily increase his/her bet.

Red Seven Method Of Counting Cards In Blackjack

There are various methods for card counting. Amongst them, most easy one is through method of Red Seven. However, this is completely unbalanced count, which means that a player needs to keep counting. For true count, players do not require to divide running count with remaining deck’s number in shoe. Sole requirement of this method is to keep running count. That is why; this method is very much easy to follow. While decks shuffling as well as starting of game a player needs to reset his count. Definition of running is -2, which is starting value, multiplied by shoe decks. Therefore, eight shoe deck has -16 starting running count.