The subject of gambling is a very controversial one in Japan. The reason being is that Japan’s laws and society does not favor gambling but they are also drawn to it at the same time. Gambling is a very big money making industry within Japan.

Also, it has been estimated that gambling within Japan generates over $40 billion dollars a year. That is a lot of money that people cannot easily overlook. Japan has a lot to figure out in terms of how to use gambling responsibly within their nation. Here is a general overview of Japan’s online gambling laws and how they will impact this nation.

Move to Legalize Gambling Japan

As of December 15, 2016, land based casinos were given the green light for operation within Japan. This is a very significant piece of legislation. Land based casinos are huge money generators and having on land legalized gambling outlets will allow the nation to earn income off this service.

Japan’s Gambling Sources

Even though land based gambling sites are not yet in operation; other forms of gambling take place. They mainly include scratch cards, bicycle racing, horse racing, soccer betting, motorcycle races, lottery tickets and scratch. Once again, much of gambling’s $40 million dollar revenue in Japan comes from these sources. It also comes from online betting as well.

Japan’s Society does not Permit Online

Is online gambling legal in Japan? The answer is no according to the law but yes according to the millions of people who do it anyway. Japan has not legally authorized online gambling but millions of Japanese people wager money online at various sites designed for this purpose.

The penalties for engaging in online gambling are strict but they are usually not enforced. Let’s face it, the Japanese Penal system would literally be overfilled with people if the law would arrest everyone engaging within this practice.

Keep in mind that the Japanese government does not make a fuss out of online betting for lottery, soccer toto and public sport. However, things such as blackjack, roulette and poker are not permitted on the internet.

Japan’s Beliefs and Social Norms Stop Gambling

Japan’s harsh refusal to allow gambling within the nation stems from their belief that people will turn into gambling addicts and that the Yakuza (Japanese crime syndicates) will become more powerful. They also do not want the vice and problems that gambling generates in the states and in other parts of the world.

The point is that Japan is a very conservative country when compared to many western nations. They enjoy their society being a certain way and gambling is one thing that can significantly disrupt their way of life.

Ultimately, online gambling is permitted within bounds. Any other type of gambling is frowned upon and is illegal. Japan might have legalized land based casinos but the nation has a long way to go before accepting gambling as a normal institution within Japanese society.