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Loco Panda Casino

A burst of color and action was introduced to the online casino world in 2011 when Loco Panda opened its virtual doors to gamers from America and around the world. Dripping in fun and bright graphics, the site is inviting and warm and offers many added pluses like its’ Real Time Gaming platform for all the 130+ games, gigantic bonuses and promotions and easy-breezy banking.

Why Play Loco Panda?

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest advantages Loco Panda offers its players is the renowned Real Time Gaming software the casino uses for its myriad games. Characterized by terrific graphics and animations and lots of options for customization (choose your dealer for tables games, choose sounds effects on the slots, etc.), any game you choose that has the Real Time Gaming signature is worth playing – for fun or for money, whatever your gaming needs may be.

Loco Panda is big on the slots (they have over 80 slot games alone!), but happily accommodate both slots and tables players, as well as other specialty games like Keno, Bingo, Sic Bo and Video Poker. All your favorite slots are here, from Aztec’s Millions to Crazy Vegas to Crystal Waters and everything in between. Table games range from classic Blackjack, Roulette and Poker as well as fun variations on them.

Bonuses and promotions run wild at Loco Panda. Welcome packages include up to $4,000 for those slots lovers and up to $3,000 for table players. When you sign up and make your first deposit, the casino will email you weekly and special offers just for loyal players – score!

Banking with Loco Panda is easy as pie when you can deposit instantly by several different methods – two being MasterCard and Visa. Withdrawals are by wire transfer and after bank variation can take up to 10 days to be returned, but you’ll be pleased with all the cash you’ll be getting that you won’t even notice. And a 24/7/365 customer service staff is on hand to help you solve any issues or answer any questions you may have by phone, email and Live Chat.

The fine folks at Loco Panda Casino has set up a wonderland of gambling online. You click on the link to find a place where you can play any game you want. You must follow the steps listed in this article to get going on the site, and each step allows you a better chance to win. Consider how you can enjoy your gambling the most when you come to this website.

#1: Your First Visit

Your first visit to the website bathes your eyes in a sea of color and motion. A lovely blonde with four aces welcomes you to the site, and the $4000 welcome bonus is staring you in the face. You are instantly drawn in to this site because it is so bold. They are offering a bonus that is so large it is hard to pass up, and they have a lovely website to match. Scroll down farther to see all the places you can go on the site. This website is easy to get around once you have signed up for an account.

#2: Playing Online

You can click on the box to play online without downloading the software. This option allows you to play on your phone or tablet easily. The website immediately runs its Java script, and you are welcomed into the casino proper. You are shown every game that is available, and you may start playing immediately. Gameplay online lasts as long as you want, and you can take the games with you on mobile devices.

Online gameplay allows you to play over the server connection you have with the website. This connection may be a bit slower than normal because you are competing with the thousands of others who are on the website. The online gameplay works best for mobile devices, or you can use this option when there is little memory left on your computer for the software.

#3: Download The Software

Next to the online gameplay button is the button that allows you to download the software for the casino. Keeping the casino software on your personal computer allows you to play games any time you are at your computer. This software provides faster response from the games, and you will be able to play without an Internet connection. Any winnings you have will be instantly sent to the site upon retrieval of your Internet connection.

Downloading the software is a good move for anyone who wishes to play to pass the time. Serious players want to interact with real players, but casual players may use the software to compete against the computer.

#4: Create Your Account

You must have an account to play with the casino. Your account information includes your name, e-mail address and banking information. Your personal information is protected by a secure server, and your banking information is only used to funnel cash in and out of your account. Creating your account takes only a few moments. You may log in to the site at any time, and you will find all the games at the bottom of the page.

#5: Slots

There are many slot machines to choose from at the Loco Panda website. Slot machines on the site range from classic slots with three reels to slot machines that feel like video games. You can play slot machines for free in many instances, or you can use your own money to bet on the machines.

Simple slot machines offer winnings when you hit three characters in a row. Complex slot machines ask you to bet on paylines within the game. The most savvy slot player can bet on multiple paylines for every spin. Each spin will create winnings, and the player can use extra spins to continue playing.

Complex slot machines that play like video games require you to pass multiple levels during the game. You do not save your progress, but you can keep coming back to see how far you can go in the game. These games are easy to play, and you do not need to find other people to play against. You are competing against the machine alone.

#6: Table Games

Table games are a large part of a regular casino. Your first look at a casino shows you nothing but tables stretching out across the floor, and you can choose to sit at any table. The table games on the website are broken up into several different categories. You may choose from poker, blackjack, baccarat, craps and roulette. The games are divided by skill level for your protection.

You are wise to play at tables that match your current ability level. You can learn how to play these games at the beginner tables, and there are free tables all you to practice. You will lose a lot of money if you are playing at the wrong table. Players move up as they improve, and you must move up to a more difficult table when you realize you are too good for the players around you. Players depend on the honor system to keep the playing field level.

#7: The Top Winners

There is a leaderboard on the website that shows you the top winners from every game. Players enter into friendly competition against one another on the site, and you may find yourself at the top of the leaderboard. You can judge your ability based on the leaderboard, or you can use the leaderboard to settle bets that you have made outside the site. You feel a certain sense of pride when you are reaching the top of the leaderboard.

#8: Fair Ply

The software used to power Loco Panda has been certified as fair and transparent by TST. The website is committed to fair play, and they offer information on reporting instances where fair play is lost. You have assurances from the site that you are playing in a fair place, but you have recourse when you believe that trust has been breached.

#9: Live Support

Live support is the most important part of the website for all players. You need assistance with your account that is quick and simple. Waiting for an email or phone call response is typically not fast enough. The live support line allows you to chat with someone in the Loco Panda Casino support department immediately. You may ask questions about your account, verify winnings or check on account details. You do not have to wait for support services, and you can report problems with the site immediately. You need immediate customer service when your own money is on the line, and the live support window gives you the information you need quickly.

#10: Banking

Banking on the website is handled through their secure server. You must enter bank information or credit card information that allows you to fill your account with cash. You can choose to put more money in your account at any time, and the cash you win is put back into these same accounts.

Cashouts are handled through a secure server that does not compromise your banking information, but the payments do not go through immediately. You must wait for the ACH service to send your money back to your bank before it is ready to use.

The bonuses you receive on the site are not cash you can take home. You must use these bonuses to win more money that you can take home, and the website differentiates your winnings from your bonus money.

Your experience at Loco Panda is powered by their website or software. You may choose to play with them in any way you like, and you can win mountains of cash to accompany that massive bonus that you receive from the casino. Follow the suggestions in this article to get started at Loco Panda.