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The game of poker can be traced back to ancient games played throughout Asia and Europe from the 14th century onwards. The exact origins of the game has been traced to the southern US city of New Orleans in the early part of the 19th century; as the game developed in the early 19th century the development of gambling dens on land and on boats on the Mississippi River took the game around the southern states and allowed it to spread quickly across the US. In 1872, the US Ambassador to the UK, General Schenck introduced poker to the UK and Europe.

With poker one of the worlds most popular card games the rise of Internet poker games quickly grew in the late 1990s. Throughout the world countries where online gaming is legal, such as the UK and many Caribbean and European countries have legalized online poker to the same extent as online casino’s. In the US poker was banned under federal law as a game of chance that was illegal with other casino and betting games in the country; during 2012 a New York judge declared poker was a game of skill and opened the doors to poker being played over the Internet legally in the US. In 2013 Nevada opened Internet poker rooms for state residents.

Poker’s popularity on the Internet is often put down to the fact games can be played online with small minimum bets and small or no entry fees; these low cost rooms allow customers to gain experience and skills without the fear of losing large amounts of money. Poker is also a game of skill that is won by either obtaining the best hand or gambling that a player can bluff they have the best hand and win when all the other players fold their hands. As players gain experience and a greater amount of skill they can move to more expensive tables with a greater amount of money gambled and possibly won.

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