Red dog is a type of poker. This type of poker is played with cards. Red dog is also known as yablon. This game is a game of chance. It is similar to acey-deucey, and similar to in-between. Red dog is mostly played at online casino. It is played at casinos you go to, but it is not as popular as it use to be. Some other car games are also named red dog, but are played differently.

Red dog is played with fifty-two card deck, that has variety to it, or the standard deck of cards in other words. Red dog is able to played with one to at the most eight decks of cards. Every time a deck is added to red dog it decreases the houses chances of winning. The houses edge for red dog being played with one deck would be about 3.155%. The houses edge for red dog being played with eight decks would be about 2.571%. This makes red dog different then other card games because a lot of games if you add decks it will increase the house’s chance of winning.

Red dog used three cards at a time. The three cards used in red dog are ranked like they are in poker, with aces being high. In red dog suit does not matter. In red dog it starts with a bet being placed. Then in red dog two cards are put face up on the table. In red dog their are three outcomes that can occur. The first outcome that can occur is that the cards can be consecutive in number. When the cards in red dog are consecutive in number it means that they go in order like six, then seven. If this occurs the hand will be pushed, and the bet will be returned to the person who made it. The second outcome that can occur it that the two cards in red dog can be equal in number. If the two cards are equal in number then a third card will be dealt. In red dog if the third card dealt is equal to the other two cards, then the player wins that hand. When the player wins they get the bet as well, which is 11 to 1. The third outcome that can occur in red dog is that neither of the other possibilities occur. An example of when neither of the other possibilities occur would be if you got a seven, and a two. Then in red dog the spread would be announced. When the spread in red dog is announced it determines what the payoff will be. Then in red dog a third card will be dealt. If the third card is in between the other two already dealt then the player wins the hand. If the card is not in between the card already dealt then the house wins the hand.

In red dog if the spread is one card then the pay out is five to one odds. In red dog if the spread is two cards then the pay out is four to one odds. In red dog is the spread is three cards then the pay out is two to one odds. If the spread is 4-11 cards the payout is even.