More Gold Diggin Slot Game by Betsoft

The slot game “More Gold Diggin'” is from Bet Soft Gaming, and it’s a fun game for those who like a more cartoonish approach. You get the standard game board of 5 reels and 25 lines. This includes 15 tiles total.

When you first start the game, a mischievous gopher shows up and starts laughing maniacally. This character shows up first in the foreground, but he then wanders all around the game board. The music has a jaunty feel to it with a lot of twanging noises. The game has HD graphics and layered background scenes so it looks realistic for the style used.

Other characters also periodically show up on screen besides the gopher. This includes a tall man in a hat and overalls and a shorter man with a big red beard.

As for gameplay, there are a lot of different features including exploding symbols, for example. When the symbols explode, the board shifts around and you can end up with a multiplier up to 5X.

Your free spins can bring you up to a 15x multiplier. The wildcard here is “wild dynamite” which combines with anything else. The total possible winnings in the game is 2,330,000 credits.

The game buttons are below the gameplay board, and they are made to look like little nuggets of gold embedded in the rock. Once you win, you can click on the “Double Up” option. This brings you into a mini game.

Once the screen opens, you have to hit the “start dealing” button. A woman at a wooden table then deals five cards. One of these cards is labelled as the dealer’s card. Next, you have to choose one of the other four cards. If the card you chose is higher than the dealer’s card, you double your credits.

You can keep playing this game up to five times in a row with the same mechanics each time. If you ever lose, then you lose everything and have to start over. Even though the button is marked “spin,” the button actually makes the blocks fall down from above. You’ll hear rock grinding sounds when the blocks fall into place.

The dynamite symbol is wild. Each symbol on the screen, besides the dynamite, is an exploding symbol. So as long as you keep matching them up, they will keep exploding. The highest match is for 5 exploding blue diamonds. This gets you 12,500 credits. Each explosion combines as well. This means that the first explosion gets you a 3X free spins multiplier. Then you get 6X spins and so on. You can bet up to 5 bets per line. Your current bet is clearly labelled as well.

The game is interesting to play, and the mini game is especially fun. The girl blows you a kiss every time you win, and it’s simple enough with the high card match to be addicting.

If you ever get tired of the music, you can shut it off by clicking on the “Options” button in the top right corner. This also lets you turn off sound effects, select graphics quality, or even turn off the splash screen.