How to play video poker

Video poker is one of most sought-after casino games that need skills to play smartly. Luck has little role to play in this game. You need to make right decision as it will determine whether you will win or lose. It is a popular pastime that irons out the gap between table games and slot machines for many players. Though it is more like slot machine, it gives good payout percentage. It is not difficult to understand and gives a fun-filled gaming experience. ‘Draw poker’ or ‘jacks or better’ was the only game to be played when video poker first came onto the seen. As compared to other slot machines, the video poker machine gives a lower house edge, if played efficiently. Blackjack players with proper knowledge are aware of the fact that by learning strategy, the house edge will reduce to one percent. Currently, there are 100 varieties of game that can be played online.

How to Play Video Poker Smartly

Online video poker has become a craze ever since casinos shifted online. While playing online video poker, it is important for you set to a bankroll for a day and stick to it. It is not a smart decision to play more than what your bankroll permits. You have five cards. By tapping the picture on screen or pressing buttons on console, you make a decision which one to keep. The next step is to hit the DRAW button. This will help you in getting replacement cards for the cards you chose not to keep. When you end the game with traditional poker hand like two pair, straight and flush, you win. The pay table of the machine you are playing plays an important role in winning the amount for you.

How to Play Video Poker with Proper Strategy

Knowing the payback of a video poker machine is not enough. Using a mathematical strategy while playing the game, you can achieve maximum return. Hence it is advisable to learn the strategy for every game and play them efficiently. If you make mistakes while playing, the chance of increase in house edge against you also accentuates. Each game is different and therefore the strategy also varies. Suppose you are playing Deuces Wild, the strategy that you use for Jacks or Better should not be used. Beginners should learn the game Jacks or Better first because the other games are variations of this.

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