Gamblers have debated which game is the best since the first bone dice were thrown in caves. While it’s not possible to account for taste, the question of which casino game is most profitable actually turns out to be surprisingly straightforward to answer, at least in the most general terms. Unfortunately, only very rarely will any casino game actually become profitable, and those situations usually require skill to realize any potential profits.

But for most gamblers, the casino game at which they’ll lose the least will almost always be blackjack. Following basic strategy, most blackjack games with standard Las Vegas rules have a house edge of around .5%. This means that if one were to wager $1000 at a blackjack table, they would only expect to lose about $5! That’s pretty cheap entertainment. What’s more, that measure doesn’t even count double downs, insurance or any other available side bets. Those would be included in a different measurement called the element of risk which is even lower. This makes blackjack while using basic strategy one of the best games for anyone to play.

There are other reasonably good games too. For example, French Roulette with its le partage bet lowers the house edge to just 1.35% That same $1000 worth of wagering will cost the French Roulette player just $13.50, but many players love the increased action of roulette games. Roulette will have much wilder swings and can allow for huge winning sessions when the gambler hits a hot streak.

Another great option is craps where multiple times odds are offered. These bets can often reduce the “house edge” to less than 1%, although technically we are again referring to the element of risk because to be eligible to make the odds bets one first has to bet on the come out roll. While a detailed description of craps bets are beyond the scope of this article, anytime multiple times odds are allowed the reader should know that these are indeed some of the best bets in the house if one must gamble.

When the table games can be turned

The games we’ve listed so far have very small house edges. Sometimes the house will offer bonuses or comps, which mean complimentary things of value, to the players. These bonuses and comps can easily turn small-house-edge games into a positive expected gain for the player. This means that the longer the player gambles under such conditions the more he will win! In fact, this is the basis for many professional gamblers’ earnings.

Another interesting way for gamblers to turn the odds in their favor is by mastering the art of card counting. With the proliferation of so called “live casinos” online, there are increasingly more opportunities for players to count cards, even while playing on their P.C.